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Upcoming professional development in Wollongong & Newcastle
Celebrity Teacher Introductory Workshop: Teacher Resilience and Wellbeing 

What is this workshop?

Celebrity Teacher gives teachers the confidence to bring their best self to the classroom and the staffroom. Now is the time to register in our new Introductory Workshop: Teacher Resilience and Wellbeing and renew your commitment to prioritising self-care, collaboration and maintaining a sustainable life-work balance.

This event is targeted at beginning teachers (pre-service to 5 years). However, teachers at any stage of their career will benefit from the insights and activities in this workshop. Don’t wait, register now!

Celebrity Teacher draws on the latest research in teacher retention, resilience and wellbeing, and positive psychology. Each session will unpack some of the barriers that teachers experience at school.

What are teachers saying about us?

“An exciting and engaging workshop that develops a variety of strategies for new scheme teachers to deal with the pressures of becoming a teacher whether it be in the classroom, staffroom or within their personal life. A must have experience for all teachers at the beginning of their careers!” 
Georgina McInnes, 1st year out teacher, NSW

"Teacher Resilience and Wellbeing will not only make you a better teacher but it will also make you a better person. This workshop offers teachers the opportunity to reflect, celebrate, and rejuvenate, something that we can all benefit from doing a lot more of!"
Jill McGuire, Music Teacher, NSW


Wednesday 23 July 2014

North Wollongong Surf Life Saving Club
Cliff Rd North Wollongong

Wollongong venue 


Saturday 26 July 2014

Best Western Plus Apollo International Hotel
290 Pacific Highway Charlestown 

Apollo International


What does the day involve?

Session 1
Surfacing Beliefs

Session 2
Flexible Thinking

Session 3
Hope & Optimism

Session 4

- Teacher resilience
- 7 resilience factors
- Beliefs & emotions

- Thinking traps
- Flexible thinking
- Communication toolbox

- Self-efficacy
- Values & vocation
- Strengths & self-care

- Empathic conversation
- Courage & vulnerability
- Reaching out

During Session 1 we look at the impact which our beliefs have on resilience. ‘Learning your ABCs’ is a resilience skill which explores the connection between beliefs, emotions and behaviour.

In Session 2 we unpack seven thinking traps that reduce our resilience, and explore how seeking accurate and flexible alternatives enable greater use of assertive communication strategies.

Session 3 focuses on the confidence and self-belief we bring to our work, and discusses the prioritisation of self-care and positive self-talk.

Session 4 explores the skills of empathic conversation and the importance of connection and courage. We end by completing an action plan and selecting a short-term goal for reaching out professionally.


What does the day cost?

Registration costs $270 per participant (incl GST).

This includes morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. Each participant also receives a Celebrity Teacher Workbook and a separate Resilience Resource with ongoing activities for self-directed learning.

Payment can be made with a credit card when registering online, or you can request an invoice to
be sent for direct deposit and cheque payments.



Celebrity Teacher is able to adapt its workshop to an in-school professional development session. We can be flexible with time and the size of a group.

We can deliver our whole Introductory Workshop in your school, or break it up into its different modules. Or we are happy to discuss the development of course content to meet the specific needs of your staff at this time.

Make your in-school booking enquiry by filling in the form at this link.

Who is Celebrity Teacher?

Dean McManus


Celebrity Teacher is presented by Dean McManus and offers professional learning and coaching focused on teacher resilience and wellbeing.

Dean McManus has taught in schools for 16 years and has now retrained in psychology and coaching, Dean is helping teachers reduce burnout, build resilience and achieve sustainable life-work balance.

In-School Professional Learning: Dean is available to present In-School Professional Learning and is able to be flexible to meet your needs and functional requirements.
Contact for more information.


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