Teaching your colleague’s child?

How do you handle the dilemmas of teaching a colleague's child? Does it get in the way of frank and honest feedback about their learning and behaviour?

Sunday, September 21, 2014

A recent article in the Guardian looked at the situation of teaching a colleague's child.

I had this exact dilemma during the early years of teaching when it was expected that I award my colleagues’ (both mother and father were on staff) child a prestigious award at presentation evening for the subject. I chose in the end to ignore the pressure they put me under and went with my ethical decision making framework – but it was very uncomfortable.

In rural and remote settings this issue is often unavoidable so ensure that all awards (even fluffy awards such as “commitment” and “most improved”) have clear criteria attached to them and documentation is transparent and accessible to all. Failing high and unreasonable expectations of interfering colleagues is tough so you need to prepare for it.