When parental pressure promotes perfectionism and pariah’s in the playground

Th excellent Secret Teacher column in The Guardian gets me thinking again... As teachers, how can we help children achieve without feeling unrealistic pressure? And what should we do when we see unrealistic pressure coming from other angles?

High-level stress can be caused by low-level disruptive behaviour

Don't be stuck at the front of the classroom shouting.  Give your students (and yourself) a brain break.

Are you a growth-mindset or fixed-mindset teacher?

The great people at ReachOut Professionals have released a new resource that promotes effective student learning through the embracing of failure. Check it out via the following links!

Are you out of pocket from teaching expenses?

What do you spend on teaching from your own salary?  Read the results of a recent survey and make an informed decision on planning your personal and professional budget(s).

Teaching your colleague’s child?

How do you handle the dilemmas of teaching a colleague's child? Does it get in the way of frank and honest feedback about their learning and behaviour?

Remember the days in the old school yard?

News of the removal of trees from my old high school in Wagga gets me feeling a bit nostalgic in lead up to my visit to the town.

You deserve a holiday!

Teachers work hard all year round. The hours are long. Classroom management is tough. There is marking to be done, reports to write, When it comes to 'holidays' it can be hard to unwind. When it comes to holidays you need to prioritise yourself. Well, for one lucky teacher, Celebrity Teacher is going to make putting yourself first just that little bit easier.

Giving teachers the celebrity status they deserve

Teachers from across NSW, ACT and VIC will get the chance to enjoy some celebrity treatment when ‘Celebrity Teacher’ coach, Dean McManus, takes to the road throughout June and July. The Celebrity Teacher program is designed to equip teachers with the skills they need to build personal resilience and positive self-care. It aims to reconnect teachers with their sense of vocational calling and the belief in their ability to succeed in the role.