Celebrity Teacher is an accredited and licensed user of the MTQ48 Psychometric Measure. This self-report questionnaire exceeds the acceptable validity score (measures what it claims to measure) and the reliability of the overall instrument is very good. For more information on the MTQ48's validity and reliability, follow this link.

Completing the MTQ48 measures you against the four scales (Commitment, Control, Challenge, Confidence).

All participants in our Mental Toughness for Teacher Identity Workshop are given a login and password to complete the MTQ48 measure online prior to the workshop. It takes 7-10 minutes to complete. During the workshop you will receive a report with your results and be given information on how to read it, interpret the results and use it to guide further development work. All reports are written in clear and simple language.

The workshop provides general information on how to understand your results and make meaning from your scores in your teaching context. This is explored through group coaching activities. More comprehensive individual feedback and development work is available through additional coaching packages from Celebrity Teacher.

Time is provided during the workshop for the participant to read their report thoroughly and think about what it says. It is OK to challenge the results as participants consider evidence from their teaching or outside life that supports or contradicts the results.

We also offer a MTQ48 test for those who participate in our Mental Toughness Coaching package, for both teachers and School Executives. In the coaching package the results from the MTQ48 are used to inform the areas you would like to develop through your coaching program.



MTQ48 Reliability

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MTQ48 Validity

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