In-School Professional Development


Celebrity Teacher is able to adapt its workshop to an in-school professional development session. We can be flexible with time and the size of a group.

We can deliver our whole Introductory Workshop in your school, or break it up into its different modules. Or we are happy to discuss the development of course content to meet the specific needs of your staff at this time.

Some schools have found it useful to arrange a session just for their beginning teachers. Other schools have opened it up to their whole staff. Either way, we are keen to partner with you to address burnout, improve collegiality and collaboration, and increase teacher resilience and wellbeing. 

Mental Toughness

As a licenced facilitator of the Mental Toughness Development Program & MTQ48 measure, Celebrity Teacher now offers a number of options for having a Mental Toughness professional development in your school.

This includes options for working with whole staff, Executive Teams and even student groups.

With Celebrity Teacher you can be confident that your staff will learn well, be challenged and have a great time.
No more boring PD!

"Dean is a charismatic and approachable presenter. He’s clearly very passionate about mental health and wellbeing, particularly in regards to teachers, and shares a great deal of knowledge, experience and insight during this workshop."

Jill McGuire, Secondary Music Teacher NSW

To make your enquiry for an in-school professional development session, fill in the below form and we will contact you within 2 working days.